Bill Miller – Legends of the Outdoors Hall-of-Famer

For somebody who loves hunting as much as I do, this is a tough time of the year.  Do I spend my precious free time in a treestand with my bow or following my bird dog looking for grouse?  Well, after this morning’s run on Reel Action, the September choices got even tougher!  With Fishing this good on the Bank, that’s another place I want to be.  According to Capt. Scott spoons had been providing the most steady action, but he switched the baits to flies on the way out to the bank with the wind change and the action he saw the night before, using one of his favorite lines—”you can’t come out here and fish memories.”  He proves it day after day with limit runs.  Ours were in the boat this morning by 7:15.  Our action on the bank , commonly included triples, quads, and even five fish on at a time.  Deciding what to do these crisp September mornings is tougher now, but what a wonderful choice to have to make!!


Bill Miller
Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame (class of 2023)